Welcome to Joe Paws Dog Bakery

Dogs Depend on Us...

And so do their people. You can depend on Joe Paws Dog Bakery to find only the finest handmade, all natural gourmet dog treats, cakes, cupcakes and unique snacks. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and are a recognized member of the PA Preferred Program.

As a full service dog bakery, you will only find products we would give to our pets. Our treats are healthy and contain no preservatives or added salts or sugars. We handmake all of our snacks with only the finest human-grade ingredients. Our treats are analyzed in an independent laboratory. So, if you are looking for a low fat or low protein treat, we know exactly the treats to recommend.

Unlike many dog treats, the majority of our products are wheat and corn free. Instead we use rye and gluten-free oat and rice flours.

For those dogs with grain allergies, we offer treats made with garbanzo bean flour. Crunchy treats are available for dogs that like a little snap when they snack. Or, we have softer treats for canines with sensitive teeth or tiny mouths.

We also now offer grain-free raw dog food and freeze-dried treats.  Find out more under the "More Treats" tab.
Joe Paws Dog Bakery is currently closed as we relocate to Texas. Follow our progress on Facebook.
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